the arts

visiting artists & performers

During the year students at Lakes Entrance Primary School are exposed to many unique educational and cultural experiences provided by visiting artists and performers.

Students have been wowed by Valanga Khoza (a black South African storyteller and musician and close friend of LEPS), Circus Challenge, a circus troupe who performed and then workshopped our whole school, Neil Murray, the creator of “My Island Home” who spoke of his connections to Indigenous Australia, Seaweed Sally and her team who provided hands on “Marine Studies” across the school, Vibe 3 on 3 which is an active mix of basketball, rap music and dance with an Indigenous flavour, a theatre companies production of “The Hunchback”, the Devon Meadows Primary School Rock Band and lots more.

We have also welcomed local Indigenous artists Francis Harrison and Lenny Hayes who worked with students and community to create a Heathland Mural, Indigenous animal stepping stones and animal prints.
Education extends beyond the classroom doors at LEPS.



performing arts program

Every student at Lakes Entrance Primary School is involved in weekly Performing Arts sessions.  These involve drama, singing, instrumental lessons, percussion, improvisation and dance.

The LEPS Choir rehearses weekly under the guidance of Performing Arts teacher, Mrs Shaw and class teacher Mrs Smith.  The Choir sing the anthem at weekly assemblies and are showcased at Civics & Citizenship ceremonies and special events such as festivals and Carols by Candlelight.

LEPS students have been involved in the annual Seafarers Festival where they are part of the themed procession and perform at the outdoor stage.  A percussion ensemble and the choir have been highlights of this festival.



Each year LEPS students perform a major musical production.  In 2012 Shrek was performed and in 2011 a version of Grease with a touch of LEPS was also a great hit.  In 2010 Down Musical Highway involved the whole school in a major production.  In 2013 the Grades 5 and 6 students performed ‘Danger Kids’, a production based around a real life computer game whilst in 2014 the whole school took part in Nursery Rhyme - the Musical.