camps & excursions

Our school camps are an integral part of our curriculum and help to develop childrens' independence.

our school camps

  • Grade 2 Sleepover 

  • Extensive Camping program (Grades 3 -6)

  • Grade 5 Urban experience. Somers Camp is offered bi-annually

  • Grade 6 students take part in Corringle (water based) camp

The benefits of these camps include developing independence, taking initiative, working as a team, providing many new experiences, improving water skills and boating safety, using public transport and visiting historical and other city places of interest. 



school excursions

Camps and Excursions

Many parents choose to become involved in the camping program or in major excursions. Support may include cooking, towing equipment to the camp site or activities such as yachting and canoeing.


Parental Permission

Approval forms will be sent home prior to your child participating in a major excursion, camp or the swimming program. A general form giving permission for “local” excursions (within the township) will be sent home at the start of the year.