early years - prep to grade four

The Victorian Early Years Strategy has been implemented to ensure that every child in the early years of schooling (prep - grade 4) develops the necessary skills and understandings in the areas of literacy and numeracy to give them the best opportunity for the future.


  • Take home reading books changed daily 


  • A daily reading and writing session

  • Small groups of children working on tasks suitable to their learning needs at a particular time

  •  Teachers working with small groups on guided reading/writing

  •  A task board guiding children towards independent working

  •  Lots of talk, as children work in small groups or pairs

  •  Big books and stories being read, sometimes on tape

  •  Children working in small groups on computers

  •  Volunteers working with children

Lakes Entrance Primary School is constantly reflecting on and developing their literacy teaching.  Staff are participating in professional development and implementing ‘best practice’ literacy teachings mostly based on Professor John Munro’s ‘Highly Reliable Literacy Teaching Procedures’. Some staff have been involved in GLIS (Gippsland Literacy Improvement Strategy) which also focuses on targeted and explicit literacy teaching. 

In addition to this whole school literacy focus, all staff are working on developing and improving mathematics teaching and learning. With a focus on assessment of a child’s individual needs and development of suitable learning focus for each child. The results have shown marked improvement. 



In an Early Years Numeracy classroom, you may see and hear:

  • A classroom program which may include whole class / small group / partner / independent activities where the teacher roves or works with a small group

  • Lots of discussion, as children work with appropriate material

  • Children playing maths games

  • Volunteers working with children

  • Teachers and children with a positive attitude towards mathematics

  • Mathletics & Studyladder computer activities.


At the commencement of each year class teachers of Grades Prep – 2 conduct a one-on-one mathematics interview with all individual children in their classes.  This “checking” or assessment provides a starting point for organising small groups, individuals or whole class needs of teaching.