outward bound program

At Lakes Entrance Primary School we are very lucky to have fantastic outdoor education resources, namely yachts and canoes. 

The benefits for young people working together using these resources are huge. 

The Outward Bound program is a program where students:

  • Are encouraged to participate in a healthy lifestyle;

  • Build upon their self esteem;

  • Work co-operatively within a group;

  • Build communication skills;

  • Develop greater resilience and risk taking abilities;

  • Learn new skills.


It is also hoped that through the program children will:

  • Engage in activities where they can feel proud of their achievements;

  • Participate in challenging experiences both within and outside of the school environment – holistic approach;

  • Interact with community experts and volunteers thus broadening the connection between school and the community.

Some activities conducted within the program include canoeing in the local lake systems, bushwalking both in and around Lakes Entrance and sailing utilising Lakes Entrance waters.