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At Lakes Entrance Primary we invite you to share your child's education.

You are always welcome to visit classrooms but may wish to have more direct involvement as a volunteer in classrooms, on camps etc.

You will need to have a Working with Children Check completed (apply at Post Office) prior to involvement in classrooms, canteen, swimming programs, camps or excursions.

Camps and Excursions

Many parents choose to become involved in the camping program or in major excursions. Support may include cooking, towing equipment to the camp site or activities such as yachting and canoeing.


Classroom Assistance

Many parents choose to become a part of the school as a regular assistant in the classroom. This is usually working with individuals or small groups of children. This can be very rewarding and provides the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the activities and expectations.

Please check for suitable times and days with your child's teacher.


School Working Bees

Most school maintenance is carried out on regular basis, however from time to time working bees are arranged by School Council to complete specific jobs. There is always a list of items or jobs that do require regular checking and volunteers are needed to help with these.

Please contact the school if you are able to support us in the maintenance of gardens, cleaning gutters, pruning trees etc as these can be done in a time that suits you.