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The Victorian Department of Education and Training has developed a new Schools' Privacy Policy for all Victorian government schools. Parents are able to view this policy and related documents using the links below:

DET Schools' Privacy Policy

Information for Parents—Schools' Privacy Policy

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Maintaining a consistent program for an asthmatic child is important. We expect children to work towards self-management of medication but teachers need to be informed of your child’s special needs. As per DEECD policy staff are trained in Anaphylaxis treatment and the procedure for the use of Epipens.


If your child is unwell or unable to attend school you are required to notify the school either by a note explaining the absence or by phoning the school. 
If your child is late or leaving school early he/she must be signed in or out by a parent or guardian at the office.  A pink slip will be issued when signing your child out to give to the teacher, you may then collect your child.

Family Contact Information

Please notify the school of changed circumstances – address, phone numbers and emergency contact numbers are critical.


In any emergency situation first aid will be provided, and you or your emergency contact will be called.  If neither can be contacted, the school will use the services of the Lakes Entrance Community Health Centre.  If a situation is considered to be serious, an ambulance may be called.  (It is important to remember that you will be charged for this, if you do not have ambulance insurance.)

Medication at School

Medication should not be sent to school without written authorization from a doctor allowing teachers to administer it. All medications to be kept at the office or in Medications Fridge.
Please complete an Authorisation to Administer Medications Form which you can download here or obtain from the school office. Further details required by the school from students with Asthma can be found in the Parent Information Handbook.

School Crossings

Ensure that you use the children’s crossings along with your child. If your car is parked on the other side of the road please meet your children at the school boundary and walk them to the car.
Do not  drop off students or park on either school crossings – this is dangerous practice.

Visitors to the School

Visitors to the school and classroom helpers are also required to sign in and out.  The Visitors Book and badges are located at the office.  



Approval forms will be sent home prior to your child participating in a major excursion, camp or the swimming program. A general form giving permission for “local” excursions (within the township) will be sent home at the start of the year.  Please assist by returning these forms prior to the date requested.

You can download the Camps & Excursions Medical Form by clicking here.