uniform & school requirements

We believe wearing a uniform develops a sense of belonging and pride in our school.

School uniform is compulsory for all students each day. We believe wearing a uniform develops a sense of belonging and pride in our school and we urge parents to support us by ensuring their children wear their uniform each day.

school uniform


In both Terms 1 and 4, children are required to wear hats during outdoor activities - recess, lunchtime, Phys. Ed, Sport and walking to and from local excursions. A bottle green wide brimmed or legionnaire style hat is required. The motto we use is "No hat! No play!"


Comfortable and protective footwear should be worn at all times – no thongs, sandals or open-toed shoes.

Uniform & Excursions

Children will not be permitted to attend school excursions if they are not in school uniform.

You can download a copy of the School Uniform Price List by clicking here.


school requirements

Booklists & Subject Contributions

Click here for information about Booklists & Subject Contributions

Library Bags

Prep children are supplied with a bag by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development which they use for borrowing Library books.

Grades 3-4 need either a Library bag or a book cover to protect borrowed books.

Grades 5-6 Library bags are optional. Library bags can be purchased from the Library.

Take-home Books

The school supplies a plastic envelope for Prep students and/or a book cover for Grades 1-2 for regular take-home books.

Art Smocks

These are usually kept for the following years Art Smocks. The school uniform shop has art smocks available for purchase, or an old shirt is a great substitute.

lost property

We aim to teach the children to take responsibility for their own belongings. However to minimise time spent trying to identify the owners of lost property.

PLEASE NAME ALL REMOVABLE ARTICLES OF CLOTHING and other school items such as lunch boxes, books etc.

Any clothing or property found during the day is taken to "lost property". The school holds all lost property for a period of a term. After that time it is cleaned and reserved for use or resale

Advertisement of resale days will be included in the school newsletter. You may inspect the lost property to retrieve lost items at any time.