student wellbeing & welfare

We encourage all families to communicate with the school if they are experiencing any difficulties with their children as we can work together to try and provide a solution.

Helping families in times of need is of a high priority and all families are encouraged to talk with either their classroom teacher or Principals if there are any concerns regarding their child.  The Principals can also engage families with outside agencies if greater assistance is required. Staff will contact parents if there are behaviours which indicate any concerns regarding social and emotional wellbeing at school.

LEPS provides many programs and assistance to students who may be having difficulties, including:

  • Social skills development groups

  • Life skills groups, for our integrated students and others lacking in this area

  • Cooking groups, for self esteem development

  • Attendance tracking and monitoring

  • Emergency lunches

  • Smith Family and other agency support



Buddy System

A ‘Buddy System’ has been successfully developed throughout the school. It involves students being matched with another child from a different grade level eg. Grade 6 students buddy with preps.
Special ‘buddy’ activities run throughout the year, e.g. Art, Sport with their buddy grades.
This gives the younger children a sense of belonging and a contact point if they have a problem in the yard


School Nurse

A school nurse, operating from the Community Health Centre will assist with medical reviews and referrals. Reviews are completed for all prep children during their first year of school. This includes sight and hearing tests. Classroom teachers, with parental approval may, make referrals.


Access and Custody

Where conflict exists over access to your child, the school is bound to only recognise formal court orders or intervention orders that have been sighted.
You need to be careful when specifying access conditions – instances have arisen where close relatives or friends have been denied access with all round embarrassment. The school has no option but to treat your requests for access limits literally. It is this school’s contention that custody matters should be settled out of school. Staff should not be expected to deal with and solve custody situations.